One single software able to connect with the best partners


One of the best advantages in using AMSped is its property to connect to so many different third party services. All the users registered in AMSped will be able to connect with third party services directly from it.


Who works in the Affiliate Network business is used to work with different shipping companies, AMSped will allow your company to connect to the major courier services all over Europe.

AMSped pay

AMSped pay will allow your customers to pay in advance their orders through the most famous payment gateways known in the eCommerce world.


A software able to offer the best instruments in order to support your Affiliate Marketing business

Text Messages and WhatsApp

Feature to send standard text messages or WhatsApp messages using the official Meta’s API.

form generator

With AMSped you’ll be able to generate forms ready to be installed on yours and your publishers promoted landing pages in order to push leads directly inside AMSped. With our generated forms your customers will also be able to pay in advance using the most common digital payment gateways thanks to AMSped pay.


AMSped is already configured to connect with the most famous networks in the field of Affiliate Marketing such as Profit Paradise, Worldfilia, Traffic Manager, Offersify, RINOADS, Ai20 and another platform used for inbound marketing like WebCom.

Call Center's CRM connector

With AMSped you’ll be able to create with just one click all the predictive list inside Sidial’s CRM using dedicated API.

Sync your Ecommerce Orders

Do you have one or more eCommerce websites and would you like to manage all your shipments from just one centralized system to share with one or more logistics/warehouses?

Now your orders coming from the most known CRM in matter of eCommerce such as Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce can be automatically be pushed into AMSped in order to be processed.

Manage your Email Marketing Campaigns

With AMSped you’ll be able to export your orders/leads right into Active Campaign, in order to manage your email marketing campaigns in the best way.

Prova e poi decidi!

Try it and decide!