Manage and monitor

Call Center

Call center management can be a tricky task in the affiliate marketing business. It can often happen that more than one call center operator contacts the same customer or loses control over the return of investment. AMSped succeeds in breaking down every barrier and optimizing the entire sector.

Verify Shipping Addresses

Street maps

Thanks to the integration between AMSped and Google’s street maps your call center operator will be able to validate the delivery address of each order, allowing parcel label’s instant print and increasing the delivery rate.

This system can improve address validation by working in sync with the street maps of each courier.

avoids overlap between operators

Concurrency Management

Thanks to AMSped, call center operators will be able to take over the Leads, making their own calls, without the risk of concurring with other operators.

Each operator may see available leads that need to be managed and in case of unreachable customer, they will be able to report to other operators the time slot of failed calls.

Monitor each operator workflow

Supervise call center operators

As an entrepreneur you know that the optimization of the processing time can often impact the profitability of the business.

Thanks to AMSped you can now check on all your employees activity

Our system will enable you to own detailed reports on how call center operators handle leads, in relation with the amount of time they spend on them.

Return of investment

Customer Quality Rating

When leads come in, it is not always easy to define their quality but thanks to AMSped, the history of orders placed by customers can be seen by call center operators

By assessing the client, it is possible to anticipate issues and avoid financial losses.

Prova e poi decidi!

Try it and decide!