Keep your business constantly monitored


One of the best aspect of AMSped are its detailed and unique statistics pages

Monitor your Business trend


Thanks to the accounting statistics you’ll be able to monitor your business trend in terms of incomes and expenditures

Monitor your logistic/warehouse trend


Everyday you’ll be able to check on your stocks and evaluate new supplies.

AMSped will automatically calculate the average of sold products in the last 30 days and it will provide an estimation of the days of coverage before a product goes out of stock.

Track your publishers


Thanks to marketing statistics you’ll be able to evaluate the quality of your leads provided by every single publisher.

It will be provided a statistic related to the performance of the single publisher related to every single product promoted. With our CRM you can quickly detect which publisher works better and which don’t.

Monitor your couriers trend


In this specific section we can analyse in detail the trend of every registered shipping company and track the delivery, the return and the packages stuck percentages.

Analysing the performances based on Region or State you’ll be able to evaluate which shipping company is more efficient in that specific area.

Monitor Suspicious Leads with

AMSped Screening

AMSped Screening is an advanced monitoring tool, which allows you to analyze the leads sotred in AMSped across the various advertisers.

The system is able to scan the leads stored in the AMSped universe and provide to each advertiser a powerful tool for detecting attacks and/or inappropriate behavior of customers and/or publishers.

Every single data will be provided completely encrypted, in order guarantee its analysis and at the same time protect the privacy of both advertiser and final customer.

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