Send messages to your customers through

Instant Messaging

Thanks to AMSped you’ll be able to manage part of the customer care automatically, using our advanced instant messaging features.

You can send notifications via Text Message or WhatsApp Business and manage in real time all the chat with your customers from a single panel inside AMSped.

In order to receive replies from your sent text message and process those replies inside the AMSped chat panel you will have to buy a virtual phone number, provided by our company.

Create your

Custom Templates

To manage your customer care via text messages you’ll be able to create independently your custom templates. You can then select which template associate to every single products and specific status changes.
For example:

In case the messages will be sent via WhatsApp Business, you’ll be provided with detailed support in order to get your templates accepted by Meta Business Manager. We’ll provide you example of templates which will strictly follow the Meta’s policies.

Imporve your perfomances through


Using our messaging features you’ll be able to follow up your sales, proposing your customer up-selling and cross-selling after delivery date of the previous order.

You’ll be able to define your remarketing strategy in order to request product feedbacks, get back in contact with your customer or propose additional services connected to the order.

Practical Example:

In case you sell a food supplement able to cover 2 months of daily consumption, you can set AMSped to automatically send a message before the 2 months expiration after the date of package delivery in order to ask you customer to place a new order.

Schedule your

WhatsApp and Text Messages Marketing Campaigns

Through a registration system you’ll be able to filter your customers based on their previous purchases and schedule your message marketing campaigns.

If these messages are redirected to landing pages capable of notifying AMSped the appropriate referral, you will also be able to monitor the conversion rate of your campaigns.

Text Messages

Send high reliability text messages
/ Text Message
  • No installation cost
  • Single Text Message 160/chars
  • Redelivery for 48h
  • Delivery message report
  • Emoji compatible
  • No media content allowed (Videos - Images - Recordings)
  • Replies reception*


Send WhatsApp messages
/ Message
  • Installation cost € 400,00
  • Single message 1000 chars
  • Delivery message report
  • Message read report
  • Replies reception
  • Media content reception (Videos - Images - Recordings)
  • Emoji compatible
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