Let's scale our performance with

AMSped has been installed on a servers infrastructure configured in high availability. With this configuration we are going to provide greater security, stability and guarantee the performance of the application to our customers. We care about our customers’ data and we are keen to ensure that daily operations are carried out in the shortest time possible thanks to the resources of our infrastructure. 

AMsped Production


Scalable infrastructure

Thanks to the high availability we have the chance to scale our resources , based on their asage, quickly and without the need for further migrations, reconfigurations or downtimes.

So now in a fastest way and if needed we can:


Distributed loads

Our load balancer will be able to distribute the workload across multiple servers in order to serve our customers in the best and shortest time possible.

The balancing will be carried out based on the resources that are used in real time by each server and the user will be redirected towards the server with the less loaded server, free from the execution of processes.


Dedicated Instances

If you are a customer who manages a lot of leads leads we can create dedicated database instances in which only your data will be stored.

Based on the space you occupy on the Database, your data can be moved to dedicated instances so you can benefit from its optimizations:

With your dedicated Database instance you will also be reserved a third level on the amsped.it domain,. for example: nutra-company.amsped.it.

Always prepared

Reduced Downtime

Thanks to this infrastructure, in the event of problems on one or more machines, our system will be able to redistribute the workloads in order to keep the application always reachable.

A pool of servers have been configured to serve the application part and another pool of servers has been configured to serve the part linked to the database.

In each pool, even the failure of one or more servers will allow you to continue working without interferences.

ALS is not guaranteed, however we are currently around 99.9%.

In case of disaster we have

AMSped Disaster Recovery

To support the production infrastructure, a new server was configured, located in a data center in a different country from the one of the production environment. This will allow us to manage a possible disaster and maintain a copy of the data in a distant environment.

We always hope to never have to use it but if we do, thanks to AMSped Disaster Recovery, we will allow you to continue working without excessive interruptions.

Prova e poi decidi!

Try it and decide!