Management and Monitoring


Thanks to AMSped you’ll be able to handle inflows and outflows of your products to/from your warehouse. You’ll get notifications about your products consumption and calculate the average days of products availability based on your daily sales.

Generate your parcel labels

Parcel Labels Generator

Directly from AMSped you can generate the parcel labels of your packages without using your couriers CRMs.

With AMSped you can enable a process to auto generate your parcel labels in order to speed up their printing furthermore.

With just one click

Shipping recap bordereau printing

Print easily the Shipping recap bordereau of your daily shipments.

This handy feature allows you to print your couriers daily shipments bordereau.

With AMSped

Decrease Human Error

Thanks to our software we counteract most common human errors which can happen during the daily warehouse routine.

Use AMSped to save time and money.

Always prepared

Warehouse Stock Management

Directly from AMSped you’ll be albe to keep your pruduct stocks always updated based on daily sales, new supplies or product returns.

This way you’ll be able to manage all the inflows and outflows in term of stocks of your products registered inside your warehouse.

Save money and time thanks to

Packages Return Relocator

Packages blocked in your couriers warehouse have a high chance to get back to the sender. Which other than generate a higher cost from the courier company, it will decrease the number of stocks of your goods by subtracting it physically to your warehouse.

Thanks to the shipment relocator system you’ll have a chance to let your Call Center operators to release a shipment blocked into your courier’s warehouse, and redirecting it to a new customer who purchased the same exact items.

You’ll still have to negotiate the cost of relocating your shipments inside the same State and to a different one, but we’ll guarantee you that those costs will always be cheaper compared to a new shipment. This will let you save money and speed up the process of recovering the goods stuck in the couriers warehouse.

Moreover this feature will definitely speed up the time of delivery saving on packing and picking-up of the packages.

Manage more warehouses from a single software with the


On AMSped you’ll be able to manage more than a single logistic or warehouse.

We are talking about a sofisticated system in which all your users will be able to be kept separated base thier logistic/warehouse association. This will prevent your Call Center operators from creating orders with unavailable products and handle your shipments based on the products stocked in a specific logistic/warehouse.

Release your stucked shipments with

AMSped Release Hold

Are your shipments stucked in your courier’s warehouse? That’s not a problem!

You’ll be able to release your stucked shipments directly from AMSped without accessing your couriers websites thanks to an advanced BOT, called AMSped Realease Hold which will take care of the whole release process for you, connecting to the courier’s website.

Prova e poi decidi!

Try it and decide!