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Why choose Affiliate Marketing?

Through Affiliate Marketing is possibile to build partnership with other Affiliates and Merchants, paving the way for new business opportunities and collaborations. This new business relationships can bring to synergies and additional long-term benefits.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, those operating in the Affiliate Marketing can enjoy greater financial security as the Merchant pays only for the results achieved.

we can work alongside you with

Startup Consulting

As with any type of business, Affiliate Marketing is also an area that needs to be fully understood in order for the investment to become something profitable. This is the reason why we want to offer you support in:

Working within the Affiliate Marketing industry for years, we are able to give the right support to those who are entering this new business.

Link with your partner

Leads via Networks

AMSped connect with the best-known Networks in the world of Affiliate Marketing, operating on a European scale.

You will be able to choose to collaborate with as many Networks as you wish and see all statistics distinct by collaboration.

This is the best way to have your business under control in every aspect.

by your side in the choosing of service providers

Call Center operators trained for your Business

When you choose a service provider which will have to handle the customer care on your products, it is absolutely essential its knowledge related to your business.

Years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing industry have enabled us to connect with so many entities offering Call Center services.

Today, many call center operators are already trained on the use of AMSped which will allow you to:

Thanks to AMSped you will also be able to analyze your operators’ performances in real time (average receipt, conversion rate, delivery rate, time per call, etc…).

All stock movements always under control

A Software for all Logistics and parcels management

Those who are new to the Affiliate Marketing industry or have never had an eCommerce business, do not know how much managing shipping and logistics issue, can burden in terms of cost and delivery timelines.

This is the reason why we decided to optimize the entire logistics management process. Thanks to AMSped you can:

Your company just a click away thanks to the

Advanced Statistics System

Those who work in Marketing know how important it is to keep track of the trends and statistics of their business. AMSped is equipped with an extensive statistical system which will allow you to check:

Keep every department of your business under your control. Thanks to the automated parcel tracking system and all the preconfigured costs registered in the appropriate fields, you will be able to know in real time your revenues or losses with a very small margin of error, on each individual campaign.

choose your couriers according to

Best deals

By AMSped you will be able to check which couriers perform best, based on:

Each courier-related statistic is also broken down based on the geolocation in which they are operating (States and Regions).

Based on the statistics you can also automate courier’s selection based on product, State and Region, relieving the warehouse operators, who only have to deal with packing.

Prova e poi decidi!

Try it and decide!